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Architectural Digest Middle East: This Dubai-Based Architect Has Designed a 3D Printed Shelter for Humans and Birds


Ahmad AlKattan's Designest is a visionary concept for outdoor furniture that pushes the boundaries of material innovation and sustainability

December 31, 2023

With a modernist form-follows-function philosophy, Syrian architect Ahmad AlKattan has envisioned a unique 3D printed shelter that, rather than being an answer to concerns, has raised a vital question: Why should things just be created for human beings? A conical-shaped mobile pavilion that has been designed with people – and birds – in mind, Designest is a testament to AlKattan's commitment to fostering inclusivity in the urban landscape.

Speaking to AD, the architect sheds light on the proposal's bio-inclusive principles, the advanced fabrication technologies that brought it to life and how he envisions a future where there is intentional design for all.


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